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Our group has as principal motivation facilitate the commercial, cultural exchanges, etc in and with the European Union.

We have the solutions in order to avoid the main problems found by the persons and entities that want to lead to end an international activity in Europe. The distances diminish thanks to the new technologies, the european multicultural wealth is an advantage when the information is presented in our interlocutor’s language and taking into account the possible peculiarities of each local market.

and in the whole world...

We also provide informative and commercial platforms in Internet and new media to those institutions, companies or persons of the rest of the world with interests in Europe.

European Union
European Commission for the Information Society
Who they are...

EurDesign offers complete solutions for private clients, small or medium businesses, organizations, civil administrations and subcontract services for big companies.

Our clients seek the best possible solutions for communication and new media services. They need to reach or open up new markets at a European and international level, or to consolidate their presence on the net.

EurDesign clients benefit of competitive advantages: they can impeccably offer their products and services to larger audiences, in their own languages and optimizing all the new media’s potential.

Businesses and Fields

Small and medium size:



We can form teams for the realization of short-term projects in the following fields:

Advertising Education Law Real estate
Aeronautics Electronics Literature Sailing
Agriculture Engineering Marketing Sciences
Architecture Environment Mechanics

Social sciences

Arts Ethnology Medicine Sports
Astronomy Fashion Movies / TV Telecommunications
Biotechnology Finance Music Trade
Botany Gastronomy NGOS

Tourism-Tour Ops

Business History Nutrition
Car industry Hotel and catering Online games
Computer Insurance Pharmacy
Economics Public Administration

Other fields: Please check consultants’ availability at this time.

Big companies:

Please check.

Who they are

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