The value of a brand

This fragment of an interesting conversation on brand and corporate image held between two of the most prestigious professionals on the field outlines the current importance of having a good brand and image. (By Pedro Méndez Elizalde for

Guillermo D'Aiello (Professor of Corporate Image in the Austral University and director of D'Aiello Imagen):

Behind any good product there must be a good brand...

Paul Capriotti (PhD in Information Sciences, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Manager of Epson's communications in Spain and consultant in communication and Corporate Image):

If you wish, it is possible to exchange the concepts: behind any good communication, any good brand, there must be a good product. 50 years ago, many people were manipulable. Today the consumers know more,they are better informed. Precisely because of that, today’s products have to be coherent with communication and communication has to be coherent with the products, if this is not so, it doesn’t last. People look for facts. Nowadays one does not speak about attributes of the product but about the brand. By verifying this a company can extend its field of action.

Market of brands
The estimated value of some brands supposes up to 70 % of a company’s stock exchange value.
725 Coca-Cola
702 Microsoft
483 Procter&Gamble
(Based on Forbes ranking for 2002. Hundreds of million dollars USA)
Services of Graphical Communication and Corporate Image
Corporate Image
"Esse est percipi", "to be is to be perceived", said Berkeley.

Creation of Corporate Image.

From the most basic to the entire creation of your Corporate Image including its integration in all the corporate material.

In an entire development team for Corporate Image there are not just graphical designers, you will find also experts in art, marketing, sociology and communications.

Renovation of Corporate Image.

If you want to update the Corporate Image and/or to integrate it in new media, preserving only the best of the previous one.

Integration of Corporate Image.

We lead your Corporate Image to the new media so that it will be recognized at first glance.

We carry out the integration of your Corporate Image and brand in to the office equipment, fleet of vehicles, uniforms, etc...

All the products offered by EurDesign will fit like a glove in the context of your Corporate Image.

These services include support and follow-up of the evolution of the project.
Design or renovation of logos.
For campaigns in new or traditional media.

Spots for television and radio in ad campaigns (with digital edition). Also multilingual.

Production and edition of graphical campaigns or on the Internet.

In an entire development team of advertising projects there are not only advertising and marketing brainstormers, you will also find experts in art, marketing, sociology and communications.
CDs Multimedia
Edition and CDs production for presentation, catalogues, tourist, formation, etc...

Please remember that we have also a translation service for these media.
Information Kiosks
Edition and production of information Kiosks.

Please remember that we have also a translation service for these media.
DTP, Publishing and edition - Forms & Stationery
Design of the whole corporate material printed in harmony with your Corporate Image.


We edit publications ready for press or for its publication in electronic formats: Magazines, marketing material, corporate stationery (cards, letters, invoices, etc), labels, packaging, etc.
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Corporate Identity
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