Project Management: To design a hotel web site, a EurDesign team may be formed by a designer and a software engineer working in Berlin, an assistant (in this specific case a Professor of the Murcia, Spain University School of Tourism), a graphic designer working in London and three mother-tongue translators working in different French, Italian and German cities....

Thanks to an extensive use of the Internet, our method of work enables us to organize team meetings and constantly trade information just as if we all worked in the same city. This method, pivoting on a usually Berlin-based coordination, gives our clients the perception that all the professionals engaged on their project are in the same office and easily reachable.

The coordinator is the team member visible to the client. He keeps the client constantly informed of the project’s development and is a fast link between the client’s suggestions and directions and the operating group itself.

EurDesign: Who We Are...


EurDesign is a large group of European professionals specialized in different fields. Among them are freelance professionals who work with renowned firms and universities. We also have a great number of collaborators and consultants.


Although most of our members reside in Berlin, many others work in different cities in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the U.K.


Our method of work is yet another example of the new media of communication’s potential. We use the Internet extensively to eliminate distances.

When we form a team for a project’s realization we achieve perfect coordination.


The members of EurDesign formed an independent design and programming group to fill a gap in the European and international offer of new media services. In many cases, local offer does not satisfy clients’ expectations, while big multinational firms’ services are often too expensive. Being an independent group of professionals, EurDesign offers a high level of quality at lower costs.

EurDesign is an open group...

Whether you want to collaborate with EurDesign, contribute ideas or advice, please feel free to contact us.

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